NL Law Firm represents private and public sector employees in all aspects of disputes, negotiation, litigation, and appeal in:

  • discrimination and harassment claims related to sex, race, age, national origin, pregnancy, religion, disability, and sexual orientation
  • accommodation of people with disabilities or with religious practice requirements
  • wrongful discharge
  • retaliation
  • whistleblowing
  • employment contracts and severance agreements
  • non-competition / non-solicit / confidentiality agreements
  • privacy and defamation
  • medical leave/FMLA
  • workplace investigations
  • Severance Negotiation
  • Pregnancy Discrimination

NL Law Firm knows how to win cases because we have been on the other side defending the claims. We know how to put pressure on companies to get excellent results for our clients. For companies, we provided specialized internal investigation services to help companies who are in need of an independent investigator to help resolve high risk employee relations issues.